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the mac news you care about


My Explosive Blog for the .NET Compact Framework

Latest Application tips , New Application Review , Directory of Application Sites

All About Application and Application Application Software Software_Development Internet_Consulting eCommerce WebDesign Programming Powerbuilder ASP.NET VB.NET C# PHP Perl ASP Java Visual_Basic Oracle Microsoft Sybase SQL_Anywhere Outsourcing Freeware OpenSource Shareware Scripts xml rss sql_anywhere sap crm erp outsourcing offsourcing Insourcing Training Certification Hardware Hosting Domain ISP Mobile SEO SEM Job Country

Good Morning Silicon Valley

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Dave Winer: Radio UserLand

UserLand's news channel for Radio 8 users.

Jon's Radio

Jon Udell's Radio Blog


Developer news from the XML community

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger

Robert Scoble's look at geek and Microsoft life.

Lockergnome's Tech News Watch

The latest industry headlines, news scoops, reviews, opinions, press releases, virus alerts, security updates, and other time-sensitive information.

Thom Robbins' Radio Weblog

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Jeremy Allaire's Radio

An exploration of media, communications and applications over the Internet.


The First Blog Community for Windows Longhorn


W2Knews is the world's first and largest E-Newsletter specifically focused on NT/W2K System Managers that have the job of keeping NT/W2K up and running in a production environment.

CRM Mastery E-Journal

Commentary and Musings on CRM Best Practices and Industry News


Networking stuff you gotta see.
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