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Anping Xingyou Wiremesh Manufacturers Co., Ltd

Chain Link Fabric Security Fences and Gates – HG, PVC, FBP
Chain link fabric fencing for security fences and gates, from hot-dip galvanized, PVC or fuse-bonded polymer coated wire, 1800 to 2400 mm height, KB selvedge.

Chain Link Fence Slat, Types and Installation
Chain Link Fence slats: PVC coated chain link fence slats, fence slats posts and accessories. Chain Link Fence Slats build privacy and beautiful chain fencing

Industrial and Commercial Chain Link Fencing
In general, galvanized chain link fence or PVC coated chain link fencing are often used for security and protection in houses, roads, gardens and other fields. While industrial and commercial chain link fence is usually heavier than the residential fence.

Wire Mesh Partitions - Diamond Pattern Chain Link Fence
wire mesh partition made from #10 gauge diamond pattern chain link mesh, vertical and horizontal frames, center stiffeners, top capping bar and post.

Cyclone Fence Made from Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Mesh
Cyclone fence made from cyclone wire mesh 50.8 × 50.8mm × 2.5m height, holes of 5cm×5cm max. Hot dipped galvanized, class A wires gauge #10 (3.16mm).

Overview Galvanized Chain Link Fence and Its Post Specifications
Our factory manufacture new types and sizes of galvanized chain link fence and its post. You can free choose for your requirements.

The Reason of Choosing Chain Link Fence as Security Fencing
As security fence, vinyl coated (PVC coated) chain link fence is more and more popular in the application of housing, industry, roads. The reasons of easily installing, low cost, surface beauty, chain link fencing is widely used.

Tennis Court Chain Link Fence
Tennis Court Galvanized or Tennis court PVC coated Chain Link Fence is as security barrier in sports fields. It is also called sports chain link fences.

Several Common Chain Link Fence New Specifications
Our factory manufacture new specifications of PVC chain link fence, There are different choice for you at size, gauge, application.

Chain Link Fence Prices, Gates and Accessories Available
The latest chain link fence prices such as galvanized 2" mesh 11 gauge, 3 foot high chain link fence is $75-$100 per 50' roll, and 6 feet high $150-$200 per 50' roll.