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BizSugar Hot Topics

Save Up to 35% on Tax Prep with H&R Block
Whether you plan on filing your state, federal, or both returns this month, H&R Block has a variety of services with discounts ranging from 25-35% off.

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Startup Professionals Musings: 5 Steps To Get Ahead With The Entrepreneur Lifestyle
According to Gallup surveys, job satisfaction for employees is at an all-time low. Only 13 percent of workers are fully engaged in their job. The sad part is that is seems to be getting worse, rather than better. One obvious alternative is to become an entrepreneur. As a mentor to many aspiring ent

27 Vote(s)

The Importance Of Keeping Customer Churn Rates Low As Possible
Customer Churn Rate (CCR) is one of the most important metrics when it comes to determining where a company is at currently, and where it's very likely heading in the near future.

28 Vote(s)

Why Brands Should Be Tracking Hashtags On Social Media
Hashtags tracking is important in today's social media marketing. Here are some of the reasons why brands should be tracking hashtags.

28 Vote(s)

The Power of Strength Quotes on Your Well-being and Productivity
In time like these we need to find positivity to power through and there is even power in strength quotes to promote productivity as well as help us remain positive.

29 Vote(s)

5 Things To Consider Before Launching An SEO Strategy
Is your SEO strategy working for you? What SEO campaign strategies are you implementing to boost your search visibility an Google ranking? Discover five pointers to consider before launching an SEO Campaign.

29 Vote(s)

The Importance of Having Great Technology in Your Franchise
In this post, I discuss three examples of technology used by today's franchise systems, and how they benefit you as a franchisee.

20 Vote(s)

Inverted Pyramid: Don’t Bury the Lead — Give People What They Want (Fast)!
Goldfish have better attention spans than humans. So don't bury the lead - give readers the important facts first. Learn how to do so by reading this post.

18 Vote(s)

Morlocks and Eloi and the Virus
As I interact via Zoom and telephone with clients, family and friends, I keep thinking of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. As a life-long science fiction fan, I see our surreal living situations born of the world-wide coronavirus epidemic as separating us into different "classes" of people, who are qu

17 Vote(s)

Custom Instagram Sticker: How to Effectively Boost Your Brand on Instagram, 5 Ways
5 free methods to create a custom Instagram sticker and GIF. Beat the competition and stand out on Instagram. Five tutorials.

21 Vote(s)