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Univision: Stories that show the high risk of Venezuelan migrants
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Univision featured several CARE stories with Josh Estey’s photographs of Venezuelan migrants who have faced abuse and exploitation “at alarming levels.” “I am 8 months pregnant, on the street: we are not animals, I met a 14-year-old girl in the route, which was continually harassed by men: all offered money for sex, and no girl deserves that treatment,” said Karino Ríos, a 37-year-old migrant. Read more here .

Devex: Humanitarian sector prepares for 'third emergency' in Mozambique

Devex quoted Jean-Dominique Bodard, CARE senior emergency response manager, and Saul Butters, CARE Mozambique assistant country directory, on the continued struggles Mozambique faces post Cyclone Idai and Cyclone Kenneth. Both cyclones destroyed almost 2 million acres of crops and forced a widespread food dependency that will continue into next year. “This is the so-called ‘third emergency,’” said Bodard. In addition to the extreme natural disasters, the ongoing drought from climate change greatly effects the planting seasons. “It’s not just these big events that are happening. It’s the...

Jonathan Van Ness's Getting Curious
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Jonathan Van Ness interviewed Sheba Crocker, CARE’s vice president for humanitarian policy and practice, in the podcast series Getting Curious, and was also featured on Instagram. Crocker shared that the top five things Yemenis are facing, including: “a huge war in the country, people are starving, there’s cholera in the country, people don’t have access to basic services, the health system is breaking down and civil servants haven’t been paid since 2016.” Watch the video here .

Marca Perú: Rita Angel Taylor in Peru
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Marca Perú, the government of Peru’s main tourism and export brand, shared a video interview of CARE Ambassador Rita Angel Taylor (RAT), who discussed her trip with CARE to Peru in February. Rita met inspirational craftswomen of Tucume and students of the Daniel Alcides Carrión school in Mórrope. Rita was amazed by the women’s businesses and the school girls’ life plans. “I hope they succeed and never give up with their dreams… and I want to continue working with CARE,” said Rita. See the video...

Forbes.com: Supply, Demand And Child Labor: How Businesses And Nonprofits Can Get Kids Out Of Factories

Forbes.com mentioned CARE’s partnership with Bata Shoes for the Rural Sales Program in Bangladesh. The program created economic opportunities for women by teaching them entrepreneurial skills and how to operate small business. The program helped 2,000 women who increased their earnings from $32 to up to $120, a 275 percent increase. Read more here .

The Medical Women's Federation Journal: Access to contraception: a key element of effective humanitarian aid
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The Medical Women’s Federation Journal featured an op-ed by Christina Wegs, CARE global advocacy director, who shared the need and importance for access to contraceptives especially in countries affected by conflict, violence, displacement and natural disasters. Providing women with effective contraception can eliminate a third of maternal deaths globally. CARE has already witnessed the positive outcomes of providing high-quality contraceptive services from previous aid delivered to post-earthquake Nepal, conflict-affected areas in Democratic Republic of Congo and refugee camps in...

The Washington Examiner: The Wall's Jan Scruggs honored, Ken Starr to new global group, José Andrés get CARE award

The Washington Examiner recognized chef José Andrés, who cooked for displaced Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria and is a nominee for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, as the recipient of the Humanitarian Action Award from CARE’s Global Leaders Network at the United States Institute of Peace on June 11. Read more...

Devex: Coalition aims to streamline awareness efforts, attract new donors
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Devex featured the renewed commitment of CARE with seven NGOs for the Global Emergency Response Coalition, an alliance to help children and families affected by rapid-onset disasters. The group started in 2017 and raised more than $4 million that helped with efforts like CARE’s work in South Sudan and Kenya to screen children for malnutrition. The revamped coalition will launch two to three appeals a year, build long term partnerships and divide funds equally among the organizations. Read more...

Devex: Mozambique: Donor pledges for cyclone recovery fall short
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Devex quoted Jean-Dominique Bodard, CARE senior emergency response manager, on concerns regarding the $3.2 billion needed for Mozambique to rebuild. Donors have pledged $1.2 billion, but it is questionable if the donors will follow through. Also there are concerns that the needs of women and girls were overlooked. CARE found that women affected by the cyclones are worried about their safety, exploitation and violence due to changed gender roles in the community. “If we don’t get enough funds, the poorest will suffer,” Bodard said. Read more...

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Cameroon tops list of the world's most neglected displacement crises
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The Thomson Reuters Foundation quoted Helen Thompson, CARE International UK head of humanitarian programs, on the struggle to meet increasing needs with limited funding. The Norwegian Refugee Council has placed Cameroon as the top country in the world for the most neglected displacement crisis where half a million people have been forced from their home. Cameroon and other countries on the list lack funding, media attention and political urgency. “Ultimately, humanitarian action alone cannot end humanitarian need,” Thompson said, “these crises require political solutions to put an end to...