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TikTok’s advertising champions #GemiusTurkey
TikTok, one of the world's leading social media platforms, has grown its audience rapidly since day one. It has not only attracted millions of people, but also made many moves to challenge its competitors. Gemius, which tracks TikTok's traffic through the Gemius Audience service, will now generate TikTok's advertising scorecard with the Gemius Adreal service. Let’s have a look at TikTok’s advertising champions in Turkey.

#gemiusAdReal case study: Sport bets & casino industry
#GemiusLatvia presents: #gemiusAdReal case study: Sport bets & casino industry in June 2022. The most popular entities and comparison of brand's display and video ads by various metrics.

#GemiusBaltic: July 2022 summary #gemiusAudience
In July, Gemius Baltic introduced the gemiusAudience research update, which made Lithuania the first country in the Baltics which use the Constant Panel methodology and replace gemiusExplorer with the E.gemius tool. Which websites were the most poular in Lithuania in July 2022? Read our analysis based on #gemiusAudience data.

#gemiusAdReal: TOP 10 advertisers in Poland in July
Which brands were the most popular on the Polish market in July 2022? See Gemius analysis based on data from the gemiusAdReal study.

Internet and media 150 days after the Russian aggression against Ukraine
Due to the situation in Ukraine, we publish the information about Internet and media in Ukraine during June 24 – July 24 period. All data comes from the single-source Gemius study - gemiusAudience.

TOP 20 most visited websites in Latvia - June 2022 #gemiusAudience
In June, news site tvnet.lv returned to the Top Five ranking, swapping places with the public media news portal lsm.lv, which showed the largest audience decrease in numbers among the top sites. Almost all of the top websites have shown decreases in audience from computers during last month.

TV Guide in the results of the Mediapanel study
The scope of the Mediapanel study has expanded to include a new data - TV Guide. Gemius released the results for the programming of 49 TV channels, and the new data is available to logged-in users of the cross-media study.

The most popular traveling websites in Poland
How has the situation in the world influenced the holiday plans of Poles? Gemius presents traffic analysis on the most popular websites of travel agencies and intermediaries organizing summer holidays.

TOP 10 most visited websites in Estonia - June 2022 #gemiusAudience
In June the majority of Top 10 sites showed audience decreases, according to the internet technology and research company Gemius data on most visited websites in Estonia from computers. Showing one of the biggest decreases in numbers, youtube.com stepped back, allowing delfi.ee to return to 3rd place in the top.

Digital Advertising Competition Industry Benchmark Report #GemiusTurkey
With increasing advancements in technology, sectors' investments have shifted towards the digital realm. As competition in digital advertising is increasingly heating up every year, Gemius has shared its "Digital Advertising Competition Industry Benchmark Report" for the first quarter of 2022.