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What does motivate to shop online and what has changed during the lockdown? E-commerce research in Lithuania and Latvia
Gemius has conducted the E-commerce study 2020 on internet users online shopping habits in Latvia and Lithuania. It revealed that the better price in online stores than in traditional ones is the most important motivation for online shopping in both neighboring countries. However, while buyers in Latvia indicated the possibility to compare the prices of products and services as one of the main factors, Lithuanian respondents are motivated by home delivery.

Top 3 market sectors: Trade, Automotive and Finance. Check their viewability rates and mobile impressions shares in the CEE region!
Gemius checked the highest viewability rate and mobile impressions share of top 3 market sectors: Trade, Automotive and Finance in 2018. The analysis includes 9 selected European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. The data comes from gemiusAdMonitor which is a periodical report presenting online advertising markets’ trends in the CEE region. The most recent data summarizing the whole 2018 is available at www.admonitor.gemius.com.

gemiusAdreal goes cross-media
Who scores the highest reach in both: TV and online video campaigns? And what brands do it most effectively? These and other questions can now finally be answered thanks to the newest version of gemiusAdReal. Renowned by IAB’s Research Awards Gemius’ study now delivers a comprehensive cross-media analysis thanks to the implementation of Gemius’ single source panel.

Gemius introduces video programmatic to AdOcean SSP
At the end of January Gemius introduced a new functionality to its adserving tool. AdOcean SSP now enables its clients to sell video advertising space in the programmatic model.

Market sectors with the highest CTR and viewability rates in selected European countries
The highest CTR recorded Pharmaceutical online campaigns in Slovakia and Moldova. The most viewable market sector was Food & Drink in Poland – its viewability was as high as 72 per cent. Check out the newest release of gemiusAdmonitor report and learn more about market sectors’ viewability and click-through-rates.

CEE region advertising markets in the first half of 2018
Another edition of gemiusAdMonitor is here, and we have some interesting insights to share! What is the ratio of display vs video campaigns? How many impressions come from mobile devices on each market? Read on to discover that and much more.

Ukraine: users’ attitude towards illegal content online
Gemius, together with Clear Sky Anti-Piracy Initiative, checked how Ukraine is coping with the issue. The study (gemiusAdhoc) was conducted on 607 representatives of the Ukrainian Internet users aged between 18-55 (except Donetsk, Lugansk regions and Crimea), in July-August, 2018.

Gemius and AMI cooperation in Vietnam
Gemius signed a cooperation agreement with AMI, a Vietnamese research company. For Gemius, this is the first Asian country where they will offer their solutions.

Is it really important how much time people spend on watching ads?
Since its early days, digital advertising was focused largely on performance measurement, with metrics such as CTR playing a pivotal role in online campaign evaluation. However, with the growing importance of online video ads and the following industry-wide discussion over a new-coming currency of a viewable CPM numerous studies investigating a correlation between ad exposure time and campaign effectiveness were conducted.

Differences in media consumption across devices. Can we easily compare mobile, desktop and tv?
Common knowledge tells us that nowadays media consumption gets more and more fragmented: new channels, devices and formats induce people to spend more and more time with different media1. This rapid change makes advertisers’ life a lot harder as it gets a lot more complicated to reach and measure people’s activity.