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Sports events drive the betting industry #gemiusAdreal
Numerous sports events took place in June, and these - as we know - are fuel for the bookmaking industry. We used data from the gemiusAdReal study to check how online sports betting companies shaped their advertising strategies at that time. Which of the events was accompanied by the most intensive advertising activity of bookmakers?

Advertising market in Poland - June 2023
According to gemiusAdReal data for June 2023, brands from the "Trade" industry were the most active in advertising on the Internet and on the radio, while on TV - "Pharmaceuticals".

#gemiusAdReal TOP 10 advertisers in Germany in June
Which brands were the most popular on the German market in June 2023? See Gemius analysis based on data from the gemiusAdReal study.

Thematic and Functional lists - June 2023
Gemius presents the list of TOP 10 brands from selected thematic and functional categories of the Mediapanel study. The rankings were created according to the total reach of websites and mobile applications of individual brands.

Sport cumulation - analysis of websites and apps from the "Sport" category
This year, May and June were full of sports events - football and volleyball Champions League games, matches of the Polish national team, the French Open tournament won by Iga Świątek, and the start of the European Games organized in Poland. We checked whether the multitude of sports events translated into the popularity of websites and web applications on this subject. Conclusions? More emotions than football performances of Poles are aroused by club football at the highest level.

Mediapanel study results for June 2023
Below we present detailed aggregated monthly data from the Internet research: rankings of publishers, websites and applications. We also present a list of audited audio and video players - we show their results in aggregation to media groups participating in the study.

gemiusAudience: June summary for Ukraine
Gemius presents ranking of the most popular sites in Ukraine in June 2023 regarding changes in Ukrainian Internet audience during the war. Read our analysis based on #gemiusAudience data.

gemiusAudience: June summary for Lithuania
Which websites were the most poular in Lithuania in June 2023? Read our analysis based on #gemiusAudience data.

#gemiusAdReal Germany: Weekly Industry Champions
Gemius did a comprehensive analysis of prominent industries in Germany to identify the Reach and GRP champions for weekly data 12-16.06.23.

Advertising market in Poland - May 2023
According to gemiusAdReal data for May 2023, in all analyzed media - Internet, television and radio - the most active in terms of advertising were brands from the "Trade" industry.